Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back Home!

I loved taking Lisha to Camas,WA where I mostly grew up ;) The last time I had been back was a year and a half ago and what struck me most was how much the trees had grown in my old neighborhood. The Washington I know (on the west-side) is seriously SO lush, green, and beautiful. The weather was terrific most of the time we were there, I was actually a little disappointed it didn't rain more - I was hoping Lisha could have a real Washington vacation. 

While we were there WE:
    • Went to the Beach! Lisha thought it was funny that you had to wear a sweatshirt to stay warm at the beach. We took my Granny Joy, who really really enjoyed coming and chatting :)
    • Visited the Portland Temple! 
    • Saw my little sister graduate! She is going to attend either BYU Provo or BYU Hawaii (I think she is leaning towards Hawaii?)
    • Hiked to some neat looking waterfalls, I think we went to four. My parents have some good waterfall stamina! I sure had a fun time being back with them and my fam. You don't know how much you miss it till you go back for a little vacation visit.
    • We took care of my little brother Tanner, while my parents and two of my sisters went to Washington DC. He has something like Down Syndrome, he is sure cute. I bonded real quick with him again, he loves that I do tons of different things with him (like Tennis, Golf, Walks, Park, Baseball). He never wants to sit down while he is awake.
For a little baby update, Ian keeps practicing his punches and kicks. Sometimes it moves Lisha's clothes :) The doctor told us that our baby is an active guy which makes me smile and chuckle a little. Whatever personality Ian has, we are thankful and excited to have him coming to our home!