Friday, September 4, 2009


So, I decided to break up that last post and not write about everything that has occured in the last few months. I figured that if you were interested in what has been going on the last few months, you could check out that post, but if you're interested only in what's happened most recently, than this is the one you should read! =) Maybe it'll save someone some time. Haha!

Matt's family was here last week. They came down from Washington to help his sister Katie move back to BYU and so we got to spend a lot of time with them. It was so much fun for us! We got to celebrate his mom's birthday, take a trip to SLC to visit Nelly, a wonderful convert and friend from Matt's missionary days, have a baby shower, help Katie move in, and celebrate his little brother Tanner's birthday.

While we were shopping at Toys R Us, Tanner pushed Matt around in a cart. It was so funny! Matt's dad had to save them a few times. =)

These two brothers have such a cute relationship! I just love watching them together. You can tell how very much they love each other.

When we were in Salt Lake, Matt showed his parents where he was originally going to propose to me. (It hadn't worked out cause we were going to hike up this steep mountain but I was wearing flip flops and Matt didn't think that would work very well. Oops!) Matt and his mom braved the hike up the hill and then re-enacted the proposal. She says she said no. ;)

The view overlooking the valley from the mountain side. What a beautiful sunset!

Here's a few pics from the baby shower Kel and Sheri (Matt's mom and sister) threw us. It was SOOOO much fun! We really appreciated it and don't think it could have been any better. It was wonderful to spend some fun times with all the fam. (These are the most recent pics of my belly. I'm 33 weeks along in these pics.)

The last pics I'll put on here are just a few from Tanner's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. He LOVES Chuck E Cheese! It is so cute to watch. Happy 11th Birthday, Tanner! =) We love you lots and lots!

Since last week, Matt and I have reorganized our baby room/office and finally got a bookshelf! We are so excited! It feels so good to be able to have everything more organized and it feels even more homey now. =) Matt's decking business continues to go well. His website has brought in quite a few customers, which is awesome! It means all the hard SEO work he's been doing is paying off. I'm so proud of him!

As for baby news, we're on the countdown. We only have 5 more weeks and 3 days left! Wahoo!! The doctor said that our baby is doing well, that he's in the right position and that he is long. =) We're so grateful that things have continued to go well and that we're all healthy. We love our doctor and are so grateful to have her!

Anyways, that's about all our news. I'm sure I missed things, but this is probably enough for you. =) Thanks for all the love and support! We love you guys!

It's been a long time comin'

Matt and I were talking the other day and I realized we hadn't posted anything in a few months! Oops! We've had so much going on, so this is going to be a long post. I'm apologizing now. =)

In July, one of my best friends got married. It was a beautiful sealing and just a beautiful day all around. We witnessed miracles that day and were grateful to have been able to share that experience with them.

We spent the 4th of July with my side of the family down in Ogden. My parents and siblings came down from Idaho Falls and we spent the whole day with family. All of the Hardy side met up at Grandma's house for a delicious breakfast prepared by my aunt Missy and her daughter Camry. Then, we all went to the parade and got to see two of my little cousins on a float. They were so cute and did such a great job dancing! Then, we ate a HUGE lunch with everyone and played water games and talked for the rest of the afternoon. Here's a few pictures from that.

That evening, we went to the fireworks in Pleasant View with Matt's side of the fam. Here's a couple pictures from that.

Matt and his cousin Ryan started their own deck building company and they've done some really neat things. To see pics of their projects, check out the website Matt built at I'm so proud of my hubby! He's done such a great job on the projects and on the website!
His website looks AMAZING and it's incredible to think that he figured it all out on his own. He is so incredibly talented and I'm so blessed to be with him!

Matt and I went with Kel and her fam to Tony's Grove. We had so much fun with them and it was absolutely beautiful up there! There were the most incredible wildflowers all over. It was just breathtaking! We spent the afternoon setting up camp, going swimming, playing with the kids and eating yummy tinfoil dinners and s'mores, compliments of Kel and Josh. Here's a few pics from that.

In August, two of my best friends from high school tied the knot. Their day was also very beautiful and I was so grateful to be there. It was really fun to see old friends from high school and to re-connect with people. Here's a couple pics.

So, those were our adventures over the past few months when I failed to blog. (Whew! You made it through! =]) It's been a wonderful, quick summer. =)